These Guys: Cold War Stories Told by Cold War Warriors

A 718 page copy of 240 stories by USAFSS guys and Vietnam, pilots. $37.45

Old Lieutenant Press
1103 Harrell St.
Portsmouth, VA 23704

This book is in honor of all USAFSS men and those in VN and Laos, etc., who served so faithfully during the Cold War and when it heated up.
I am proud of all of you. 
Trish Schiesser
 Honorary Member of 6901st

Trish Schiesser

This site honors Trish for her courage and love for the men who served in the  United States Security Service.

Her brother Phil was our brother in arms, and served faithfully in the 6901st and in Karamersal, Turkey    

        6901st  5/62 - 1/64. 

SO G-15/6901stSCG/1963

Remained member of AF until 1968. Other numerous awards and citations in 12

years of serving Intelligence Community, USAFSS.

       Hit by a NY City Taxi 1986 - is buried in the National
       Cemetery, Bourne, Cape Cod, MA

       KARAMURSEL, 1960-61.

Trish and Bob and PD live in Portsmouth, VA