Richard (Pappy) Jewens

 Mar 59 to May 63. Worked in COMA-41   


6983rd RSM was where I went thru 202 Tech School when it was both the

school and an operational unit at March AFB in 56-?58. Det 1 of the

6903rd RSM/SS was at P'Yong Yong Do(island) in76-77. I can't say

positively, but I was told that it was Det 2 of the 15thRGM/6922 RGM in

the 50s and Det 1 of Osan (?6929th?) after 6922 RGM was broken up in 58.


John B. Jones

6901st Zweibruken Germany     1962 -  Dec. 1965

Paul F. Johnson

 6901st, in mid 1961, from Tuslog Det 28 Karamursel and left at the end of 1962.


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